"Sandra is a dedicated, compassionate hardworking attorney. There is no rating high enough to show my appreciation for her professional skills. 

Sandra has worked long hours to help our family through complicated legal issues. I could never thank her enough for the years of service she has given to our family.

I recommend Sandra for anyone who is looking for an attorney that will put her heart and soul into your case."

-Christine C.

"Hola Sandra!!, mil gracias por todo!!!, la felicidad que tenemos estando aquí con mi familia es indescriptible. Mi familia completa te manda saludos a ti y tu equipo, cada vez que les hablo de ustedes, y de todo lo que me ayudaron dan gracias a Dios. Les mandan bendiciones y muchos saludos.

Besos y abrazos para las tres, y seguimos en contacto."

-Mireya C.

"Sandra, you are the most amazing and wonderful attorney any one could have and you have always been there for me and for my daughter! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and for Saige!!!!!!!!"
-Ben H.

"BTW ... I truly appreciate, and am grateful for, all the energy you have brought to this case.  I think you are doing a wonderful job and I would just like to say THANK YOU!!"
- John M.

"I know that this is crazy but things have gotten so much better.  Attitudes have changed and efforts are being made that I never expected.  Because of this huge inprovement and commitment from him I do not want a divorce or separation or anything else.  I would like to close this divorce and not save this as an escape.

Thank You so much for your help and compassion durring this very difficult time.  You have been an encouragement to me helped me to see that there was a way to go for me. I so needed someone and you were there in more ways than just being a Lawyer. I am very thankful that I found you."

-Robin D.

"I could see on Monday having spent time with Sandra, the same qualities in her that I have in myself.   She is very professional but yet still cares about people and wears her heart on her sleeve as I do.    Michael and I are so grateful
as she worked hard to go the extra mile for us and I'm sure put in a personal effort.   Please convey mine and Michael's appreciation.   We will not forget it."

-Tami R.

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